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Board Members

Dieser Inhalt ist leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Everyone performing research in the field of transplantation at the Medical University of Vienna or is potentially interested to do so, is welcome to actively participate in the platform.

Aufricht, Christoph, Univ.-Prof.

Berlakovich, Gabriela, Ao.Univ.-Prof.

Böhmig, Georg, Ao.Univ.-Prof.

Fischer, Gottfried, Ao.Univ.-Prof.

Holter, Wolfgang, Univ.-Prof.

Hötzenecker, Konrad, Univ.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. PhD

Kain, Renate, Univ.-Prof. PhD

Laufer, Günther, Univ.-Prof.

Lawitschka, Anita, OÄ, Dr. med.univ.

Markstaller, Klaus, Univ.-Prof.

Puchhammer, Elisabeth, Univ.-Prof.

Regele, Heinz, Ao. Univ.-Prof.

Shariat, Shahrokh, Univ.-Prof.

Trauner, Michael, Univ.-Prof.

Watschinger, Bruno, Ao.Univ.-Prof.

Worel, Nina, Ao.Univ.-Prof.

Zlabinger, Gerhard-Johann, Univ.-Doz.

Zuckermann, Andreas, Ao.Univ.-Prof.