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Research Platform Transplantation

Mission statement

The Resesarch Platform Transplantation (RPT) provides an integrative platform for academic networking and the promotion of research efforts in the area of transplantation at the MedUni Vienna. It aims to increase the output of high qualitity transplantation research and to strengthen at the same time the internationale visibility fo the excellent reputation of the MedUni Vienna.

Thomas Wekerle
Rainer Oberbauer



workshop The Platform organizes annual workshops for young researchers. Eligible participants need to be younger than 35 years, need to hold an academic degree (MD, PhD or MSc), need to be employed at the Medical University of Vienna and have some experience in the field of transplantation research. The next workshop is scheduled for Jan 2023. apply: Jan 2023
start up grant The Research Platform Transplantation awards annualy two project start-up funds. The grants will be provided to young investigators to launch specific research projects in the area of transplantation with the goal to obtain preliminary data necessary for applying for third party research grants. apply

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The Research Platform Transplantation supports the vision that the MedUni Vienna leads the international quest for improving outcomes after organ and stem cell transplantation through cutting-edge translational research.

Transplant Forum Seminar

Thursday, 29th September 2022

Christian Morath (Heidelberg University Hospital):

"Donor-derived modified immune cell infusion in kidney transplantation"

Host: Geort Boehmig

Seminars 2022


Research in the field of transplantation at the Medical University of Vienna is multi-disciplinary, spanning the entire spectrum of experimental, translational and clinical studies. Bench-to-bedside – and back again – is a cardinal feature and a long-standing reality of transplantation research. Numerous research groups in all disciplines closely linked to the high volume clinical transplant programs provide an excellent environment for translating scientific findings into therapeutic interventions for patients.

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Start-up grants